Golf Shop Operations

Goals and Objectives


The goals and objectives of Infinity’s Golf Shop Operational Services for private, daily fee/semi-private clubs will begin with promoting and marketing the Club’s products and services as they pertain to the Professional golf staff.  This is accomplished by presenting a well organized, professional marketing plan including quality merchandise, a professional appearance in the golf shop, a thorough teaching program targeting golfers of all skill levels, and a club fitting and repair service, all of which will help the facility stand out from other clubs in the market.  By achieving these goals, our objective of providing unparalleled service guarantees increased rounds, growth and financial success.


s       Implementation and orchestration of golf shop standard operating procedures


s       Continual staff development


s       Presentation of merchandising programs


s       Marketing of daily fee play, where appropriate


s       Marketing of tournament play


s       Promotion of all league play and programs


s       Development and follow-through of quarterly and annual business plans


In order to increase rounds and development, Infinity will assist the golf facility with the following:


s       Professional Marketing Collateral including Brochures, Hotel tent cards, Guest Registration Cards, Tournament brochures, Rack Cards, Customer Response Cards,  Package for private and semi-private clubs, and Tournament/Event Calendars


s       Development of Hotel Packages


s       Local and regional publications and advertising


s       Cable television marketing


s       Billboard and Signage marketing


s       Direct Mail Database


s       Community Associations


s       Rack Card Distribution to Area Realtors, Leasing Agents, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Area Hotels, and Golf facility Managers


s       League Play Promotions/Marketing


s       Tournament Marketing


s       Frequent Player Cards


s       Various  Programs/Promotions


s        Reservation and tee time service


s       Internet presence and Email marketing


s       Golf shows


s       Privilege Cards including Golf Cards, Golf access cards, Arthritis Foundation, Cancer cards, Universal golf tickets, and Executive Women’s Golf Association


s       Target civic organization, business, church groups for tournament and league play