Marketing Services

Goals and Objectives


Infinity recognizes the importance of marketing to the financial success of the Properties.   Marketing is a continual process necessary to attract and retain clients and members that are vital to the Club. 


The Company’s primary goal will be to successfully market the golf facility to attract and maintain a full complement of clients and members.  To achieve this goal, we will conduct a thorough market analysis including an evaluation of the perceived competition in the area.  This analysis will include private, semi-private and public courses, and other recreational amenities in the area, as each of these is competing for our target member’s disposable income.  Based on our findings, we will recommend classifications, legal documentation and a staffing structure to optimize the marketing program.  If the golf facility is currently not taking advantage of some sort of reciprocal or cross marketing, Infinity will design and market such a plan.


The overall objective is to establish a systematic, detailed plan of action that addresses specific areas of opportunity, encompasses all necessary materials and provides an organized plan to create a successful marketing program personalized to the desired philosophy and needs of the Club.  Infinity’s commitment to innovative thinking and creative marketing will ensure success for our clients.


First 30 Days


During the first thirty to sixty days of the contract, Infinity’s main objective is to create a long-term business plan for Club and the possible future club.  This plan is based on the information gathered from a thorough analysis of the area, the goals, and the market potential.  The analysis includes a review of the surrounding marketplace and competitive clubs to ensure that the optimal structure and price are selected.  The image is everything, and a professional, marketable image will be established from the very beginning to ensure the long-term success of the Club.


s       Market Analysis


The initial market analysis is crucial to designing an effective and marketable structure for the Clubs.  During our initial analysis we will conduct the following studies:


1.     Market Study.  Infinity will conduct a comprehensive demographic study of the surrounding market to determine the age range, preferences, income, average household, and geographical area available for drawing.   This report is critical in determining the fees, dues, amenities, market orientation, value ratios and potential absorption for the Clubs.


2.     Competitive Market Survey.  Infinity will conduct a competitive market survey of the surrounding courses and clubs, both existing and proposed, to identify the competition and establish benchmarks for service and amenities.


s       Development of the Marketing Business Plan. 


The Business Plan is essential to the future success of the marketing efforts for both facilities. This plan will become the “roadmap” to guide the General Manager, Department Heads and Infinity corporate staff toward the successful achievement of goals.  This plan will include the following elements:


1.     Recommendations for the golf facility logos and “tag line.”


2.     Budget requirements to achieve the stated goals.


3.     A clearly defined description of the  classifications, fees and charges, and privileges recommended by Infinity,


4.     Assistance in the development of the necessary legal documents to support the classifications, including language for transfer of, financial responsibility, rules and regulations and termination procedures.


5.     An action plan to state necessary actions, responsible parties and the completion date.


6.     The Quarterly Business Plans for year one, including the following:


·       Sales and retention goals


·       Strategies for successful achievement of goals


·       Identification of responsible parties and timing for each action


·       A method to monitor results and make adjustments as needed


s       Participation in the Development of Collateral Materials.


Effective marketing materials are necessary to effectively sell the facilities.  Materials include membership information, promotional collateral, Club Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Membership Application.  Professional, image driven materials are critical to setting the standards for the Clubs and creating value from the beginning. Toward this goal, the following services will be provided:


1.     Determine the materials budget based on projected sales, desired image and Clubs goals.


2.     Assist with the design and creation of materials based on the established budget.


3.     Develop in-house materials as needed to promote referrals and member participation.


s       Development of the Marketing base for the Club.


Toward this goal, Infinity will:


1.     Where necessary, and especially where the new facility is concerned, establish an Advisory Board or Founder’s Board to act as the liaison between the members and ownership.


2.     Create new member and frequent golfer welcome parties to encourage referrals from the early members.


3.     Create a member referral program to generate excitement and participation.


4.     Coordinate the press releases and public relations effort for the Clubs to ensure the desired image and awareness within the community.


s       Conduct a complete Orientation and Training Program for the Staff. 


The market analysis and Business Plan development will determine the optimal organizational structure and personnel needs. Once identified, a training program will be tailored to the Clubs and will include the following:


1.     A list of recommendations for increasing the prospect base through client referrals, target marketing and press releases.


2.     An organized, systematic method of follow up for prospects, including use of a log system or computerized contact management program.


3.     An in-depth, “hands-on” sales training session for the development of professional selling skills to provide the necessary tools to turn a prospect into a member.


4.     A comprehensive orientation with all the staff members, emphasizing their role in marketing, especially in member retention.


5.     The development of a “Club Tour” that will assist all Club personnel in presenting the Club and housing real estate with the goal of having the prospective member join and/or purchase property.


6.     The development of a “New Member Welcome Session” to provide a detailed orientation for each new member so they are comfortable and excited about participation in all facets of Clubs.


Ongoing Services


s       Infinity will provide ongoing support for all aspects of  marketing including;


1.     Provide and discuss timely sales articles from trade publications including Selling Power, the Club Manager’s Association Magazine and the Professional Club Marketing Association monthly review.


2.     Provide technique review through role-playing, method evaluation and personal observation.


3.     Review and provide recommendations for all collateral materials, including correspondence, newsletter articles and promotional flyers.


4.     Provide ideas and feedback for promotions, collateral materials, member activities and member referral programs at the Clubs.


5.     Serve as a resource center for industry standards, examples and trends to keep the Clubs current with the marketing techniques available.


s       Maintain ongoing communication with the Advisory Board;


Infinity will ensure effective coordination and implementation of all programs:

1.     Frequent communication with committees


2.     Attendance at Advisory Board meetings as requested, in conjunction with Infinity’s Operations Directors and Executive Personnel.


3.     Providing a marketing update for the Annual meeting, if required, to illustrate the Club’s current status and the importance of member referrals and member participation to the success of the Club.


s       Maintain a productive relationship with the  Marketing team through on-site visits;


Infinity will be committed to ongoing training and motivation through personal inspection and interaction at the Club.  To achieve our budgeted goals, the following on-site activities will occur:


1.     Sales training seminars to motivate and encourage the senior operating and sales staff at the Clubs. 


2.     Evaluation of selling tools and techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness of marketing time.


3.     Tour competitive clubs with the marketing team to evaluate those clubs’ strengths and weaknesses and therefore improve our selling position through knowledge.


s       Provide ongoing review and revision of the Quarterly Business Plan


Successful marketing requires three key ingredients: Follow Up, Follow Through and Urgency.  To maximize its effectiveness as a -marketing tool, the Quarterly Business Plan must have clearly stated goals, a time-line and a sense of urgency for completion. Toward this goal, Infinity will do the following:


1.     Provide a continuous evaluation of the status of the business plan goals.


2.     Recommend changes or revisions as needed.


3.     Determine new areas of opportunity for the marketing efforts in conjunction with the senior operations staff and the Owner.


Support Materials


Support materials are a key ingredient in the success of any marketing efforts.  Whether the Club operates through a Manager, or the marketing efforts are completed by other key personnel, success is in direct relation to the resources available.


Infinity will provide the following resources for marketing:


s        Membership and Marketing Operations Manual


This manual contains extensive guidelines for effective Club membership marketing.  Materials include:


1.     Step-by-step guide to membership marketing.


2.     Sample letters, forms, collateral materials and brochure inserts.


3.    Format for weekly sales meeting with General Manager, including goal setting.       


4.    Professional selling skills review with specific examples for club membership marketing.


5.    Competitive analysis forms to evaluate comparable area clubs on an ongoing basis.



s       Job Description and Evaluation Form for the  Senior Staff


To ensure effective communication of the job requirements and provide valuable feedback for improvement, the following forms will be provided:


1.     Detailed guidelines for Senior Operations staff’s responsibilities, as tailored to the Clubs with Infinity recommendations.


2.     A clear definition of the Standard Operating Procedures as established for the Senior Operations staff.


3.     A clear definition of the Senior Operations staff’s role within the club and interaction with the other staff members.


4.     An evaluation form designed to generate feedback, establish goals and encourage constant improvement of skills and techniques.


s       Infinity will offer a complete library of sample collateral materials


With the experience of the management team, an extensive library of sample collateral materials has been developed through years’ in the Club industry, including:


1.      Applications


2.     Features sheets for  categories and Club facilities


3.     Guest registration cards


4.     Member response cards


5.     Invitations for special events


6.     Letters for prospective and current members