s       On-Site General Manager


Infinity will provide, if required, an experienced on-site General Manager and or Director of Golf at each golf facility, to be approved by the Owner, supported by Infinity’s Corporate Support Staff, with expertise in every area of facility operations.


s       Infinity Visitations


The Club’s Manager of Operations, assigned by Infinity, will only handle the Properties and thus will visit the Clubs frequently, attending club and Owner meetings when necessary.  Other Infinity Corporate Staff are scheduled to the Club as directed by the Manager. Corporate visits are followed up with a written report recapping the visitations; documenting observations, recommendations and communication follow up required.


s       Quarterly Business Plans


Quarterly Business Plans are Infinity’s method of informing the Owner of our recommendations to implement changes, systems and programs.  The Quarterly Business Plans are prepared each quarter by the on-site General Manager and Infinity’s Manager and includes an outline of the goals for the upcoming quarter, the dates for all tasks to be completed and the parties responsible for implementation.  This is an excellent communication tool between Infinity and the Owner the Owner final approval on all recommendations.


s       Property Inspection Reports


Infinity will complete a detailed Property Inspection Report for the facilities.  These reports grade the progress and quality of each department.


Property Inspection Reports are an excellent tool to ensure that the on-site staff is following through on all standard operating procedures, financial control procedures and maintaining the quality and standards as expected by the Owner. 


s       Above and Beyond


Above and Beyond is a motivational training program for the entire club staff that immediately improves attitudes and staff interaction with each other and members.  It was designed with two goals in mind:


1.     To provide the club staff with a simple and straightforward method to improve relationships with other staff members, enhance career enjoyment and strengthen interaction with members and guests.


2.     To provide the club staff with the desire and the tools and techniques to provide a level of service that is ABOVE AND BEYOND what is normally expected and required.


Infinity will provide the Club with the tools for Above and Beyond training for all club employees to enhance and emphasize teamwork and overall service to clients and members.


s       Weekly Staff Meetings


Infinity requires that the General Manager or Director of Golf, holds weekly staff meetings with all department head personnel, including the golf pro, food & beverage manager, tennis pro and golf course superintendent, to discuss upcoming events and activities, budgets, policies and procedures and to ensure good communications.


s       National Account Purchasing Power (NAVP)


Due to the number of properties involved through an affiliate of Infinity, we have developed national accounts with many national vendors that give Infinity clients preferred pricing


Infinity’s National Account Vendor Program has, in numerous cases, saved our clients more money than the cost of our services and always saves the club substantial dollars.  If you are a client of Infinity’s, you have access to this purchasing power and savings.


s       Operations Manuals/Training of Staff


Infinity has prepared extensive Operations Manuals for each department of a club’s operation, providing systems, programs and forms necessary to run each department effectively. From the manuals, the club staff will modify the manuals specifically for each club.  These manuals are used in the training and development of Department Managers and Staff. The following manuals will be implemented during Infinity’s tenure.


s General Manager’s Operations           s Financial and Accounting Operations

s Personnel Administration Operations s Membership & Marketing Operations

s Food and Beverage Operations             Golf Operations

s Service Training Manual                      s Golf Course Operations


s       Employee Leasing


With turnover and insurance costs on the rise, Infinity is on the cutting edge of providing the lowest overall employee costs in the golf industry.  Infinity offers this aspect of the labor industry to provide the following benefits:


1.     Controlled and predictable Workers Compensation insurance rates.


2.     Less administrative labor as a result of outsourcing payroll.


3.     Less liability for the client.


4.     Reduced employee turnover resulting in lower training costs and a more efficient and loyal staff.


5.     Improved safety program resulting in reduced employee injuries.


6.     Comprehensive employee benefits program including major medical, dental and vision insurance and 401(k)-retirement plan.