Food & Beverage Operations

Goals & Objectives


It is the goal of Infinity to enforce the highest quality of food and service.  The minimal standards in food operations range from procurement of fresh vegetables and meats to the preparation of homemade desserts and salad dressings.  These standards reflect food specifications that are the highest in the industry and operating procedures that ensure quality and consistency. 


Through quality standard operating procedures (SOPs) and intensified focus on personalized service, guest satisfaction shall be maximized.


It is our goal to accomplish the following in a totally responsible manner through the implementation and enforcement of strong financial controls in food and beverage.


Operational Services


Infinity will develop the entire food and beverage operations and complete the following tasks:


s       Implement Infinity food specifications and Standard Operating Procedures.


s       Develop training materials and programs that focus on personalized service and quality standards.


s       Implement financial controls that achieve budgeted costs in food, beverage, and labor.


s       Develop menu concepts, research guests’ likes and dislikes, and initiate in all food and beverage outlets.


s       Offer support in establishing menus.


s       Implement Infinity banquet tracking and administration procedures.


s       Introduce Infinity Above & Beyond training program.


s       Develop Service Training Manual.


s       Develop and implement the food and beverage new hire training program.


s       Implement mid-month and month end inventory procedures, adhering to INFINITY standards.


s       Develop security procedures.


s       Develop cost controls and implement Infinity cost control procedures.


s       Implement Infinity Personal Profile System for member recognition.


s       Determine uniform standards.


s       Establish Food & Beverage Marketing Plans.